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AP Economics Handouts - Quarter 2

This page contains a list of all the handouts for this quarter along with the date assigned as well as collected. The red 'X' mark designates when a document was not assigned or collected for a particular class period. Each assignment name is a link to the document itself that can be downloaded, viewed, and printed.

Handouts for Quarter 2
Name Period 1
Distributed Collected
Activity 19: Keynesian Equilibrium 11/05/14
Not Collected
Economic Literacy Project (ELP) Assignement
Not Collected
ELP Example 11/06/14 Not Collected
Blank Form for ELP (Word Format) 11/06/14 see assignment
Manipulating Aggregate Expenditures Practice #1 11/06/14 Not Collected
Manipulating Aggregate Expenditures Practice #2 11/06/14 Not Collected
Chapter 11 Study Guide 11/10/14 Not Collected
Determinants of Aggregate Demand Chart (Blank) 11/12/14 Not Collected
Activity 23: An Introduction to Aggregate Demand 11/13/14 Not Collected
Determinants of Aggregate Supply Chart (Blank) 11/14/14 Not Collected
Activity 24: An Introduction to Short-Run Aggregate Supply 11/14/14 Not Collected
Chapter 16 Study Guide 11/20/14 Not Collected
Activity 26: Reconciling Keynesian AE with AD-AS 11/20/14 Not Collected
Activity 27: Manipulating the AD-AS Model: Exogenous Demand and Supply Shocks 11/24/14 Not Collected
X-Y Cartel Simulation with Notes 11/25/14 Not Collected
Classic Prisoner's Dilemma 11/25/14 Not Collected
Activity 28: The Macroeconomic Model: Short-Run to Long-Run 12/02/14 Not Collected
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